The ICPPR Bee Protection Group is a non-profit organisation of volunteer researchers in a broad range of disciplines from within and outside Europe sharing the interest of improving tools for assessing and understanding bee protection within the context of modern, sustainable agriculture.

The mission of the ICPPR Bee Protection Group is to contribute to improving protection of bees and other pollinators from adverse effects due to the use of pesticides.
The group aims to develop, improve and harmonize test methods and risk evaluation procedures and to stimulate the scientific debate on the available approaches in the area of bees, other pollinators and pesticides.

The ICPPR Group organises symposia and working groups to discuss and develop new solutions for problems in the area of bee and pollinator protection from pesticides.

The next symposium, the 13th International Symposium "HAZARDS OF PESTICIDES TO BEES" will be in Valencia beginning Wednesday the 18th of October and ends on Friday afternoon, the 20th of October. Please register and submit abstracts online as soon as possible to facilitate organization of the event.